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Irony in action: Saudi-backed regime calls on UN support against Emirati occupation in Yemen

In an ironic turn of events, the Saudi-backed regime of Ahmed bin Daghr is planning to call on the UN to condemn Emirati military presence in Yemen



SANA’A – In yet another show of total breakdown in relations between the invading powers in Yemen, the Saudi-backed regime of self-declared “prime minister” Ahmed bin Daghr, is about to call upon the United Nations to take action against the ever increasing presence of the United Arab Emirates within Yemen. This was reported by the Associated Press (AP).

Ironically, Saudi Arabia and the UAE were originally allies when they both invaded Yemen in March 2015, with the intention of destroying the revolutionary government and reinstalling the regime of Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi.
However, a conflict of interest soon erupted between the two invaders, resulting in a near total rift between them.
While the Saudis have continued to prop up the regime of Hadi and bin Daghr, the Emiratis have switched partners, hiring, amongst others, South Yemeni separatists to fill up their ranks.

Now, according to reports by AP, the bin Daghr regime is planning to send a letter to the United Nations, asking for an official condemnation of the UAE occupation in Yemen, and demanding Abu Dhabi’s withdrawal from the Saud-led coalition.

According to officials within the Saudi-backed regime, bin Daghr threatened with “decisive action” against Emirati occupation, stating that it will retaliate much stronger than Somalia and Djibouti have to illegal UAE presence on their soil.

Recently, the UAE took full control over the airport and the harbour of Yemen’s largest island of Socotra, which is a recognised UNESCO World Heritage site featuring a completely unique biosphere unlike anywhere else in the world.
This occupation is seen by many as a humanitarian and ecological disaster for Socotra, as well as a complete violation of international law.

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