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Ministry of Human Rights calls on international media and UN to visit Yemen

The Yemeni Ministry of Human Rights has called on international media to send reported to Yemen, in order to show what is really happening in the country and to combat Saudi misinformation.



SANA’A – The Ministry of Human Rights of the Republic of Yemen has issued an official statement on Monday, calling on international media from all over the world to visit Yemen and find out what is really happening.

In the statement, the Ministry called specifically on Arab and regional media outlets to send journalists to Yemen to combat the Saudi misinformation and propaganda campaigns, and to unearth any crimes against humanity being committed in the war.

Similarly, the Ministry also asked for the United Nations to send representatives of its official humanitarian and legal organisations to Yemen, in order to investigate the war crimes and massacres that have been plaguing Yemen since the start of the invasion in March 2015.

The statement promised that the Republic of Yemen will facilitate the entry of all journalists into Yemen, as well as aid them in accessing zones of conflict and interviewing the victims of numerous acts of violence.

Yemen remains a very difficult to access area for international media, partially because of the security risk posed by Saudi airstrikes and the total blockade imposed on the country by the invading coalition. This has led to most news reaching mainstream media outlets being produced by Saudi or UAE propaganda channels.

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