35 Saudi-paid mercenaries killed in West Coast


HODEIDAH, July 5 (Saba) –  At least 15 Saudi-paid mercenaries were killed and 20 others injured by a unique attack of the army heroes and popular committees on the parties of al- Nakhilah area of al- Drehemi district on the west coast during the past hours, a military official told Saba on Thursday.

The army and committees destroyed five military vehicles of the invaders among US Ashcush warships and all of its crew, said the official.

The enemy failed to evacuate his casualties only by sea after army and committees put under siege on the target area of all ground points.

The heroes of the army and committees took control of a number of sites and farms that the enemy was preparing to occupy.

Furthermore, a specialized unit of the army and committees held up with the free sons of Tihama carried out a unique operation in the vicinity of al-Jabaila area in Tuhita managed to control a number of important sand hills and inflicted the enemy and its mercenaries losses of lives and vehicles that six were destroyed completely including those kit of heavy machine guns and US Ashcush armored.

The aggression forces failed to carry out an attack on the north of Tahita and suffered heavy losses in lives and military equipment, which confirmed the destruction of a number of crews and warships while dozens of mercenaries’ casualties’ fell.

The operations in the western coast continued to repel the enemy’s attempt to carry out offensive operations and infiltration attempts on a number of sites in Drehami, al-Tahta and other areas.

The heroes of the army and committees are continuing to cut enemy supply lines and develop combat tactics according to the evolution of the battle and the strategy of the enemy in targeting the West Coast.



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