Saudi-led forces oppress and abuse Taiz citizens, report says

SANA’A – According to local sources in the southwestern Yemeni province of Taiz, the citizens of the region are regularly subjected to extremely harsh treatment by the forces and mercenaries of the Saudi-led invaders.

Citizens of Wazeiah district in Taiz province report regular harrassment, physical violence and other acts of aggression being perpetrated by the occupying armed groups.

“One of the citizens belonging to one of the tribes of Wazeiah district was beaten and imprisoned by a military commander on the drop back that he had parked his car in a way that did not satisfy the military leader,” the sources stated. “The commander of the so-called Second battalion, Abdul Hakim al-Mashwali, on Tuesday, attacked a citizen named Alamlaqi and dragged him on the street, and took him on board of his car to put him in prison because the citizen had parked his car in the crowded market.”

The sources also indicated that some tribes have decided to move entirely in order to find safety elsewhere.

Taiz province is still fractured due to the ongoing war. While much of the province’s countryside has been liberated by the Armed Forces and Popular Committees of Yemen, the city of Taiz itself, as well as the governorate’s coastline, still remains under Saudi-led military occupation.

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