Aden protesters demand end to Hadi regime, stage oil blockade

SANA’A – Once again, protests have broken out in the southern port city of Aden. Demonstrators took to the street demanding the overthrow of the Hadi regime and an end to Saudi occupation of southern Yemen.

The protest is the latest in a long line of demonstrations going on for several weeks already, in response to ever worsening economic conditions, rampant poverty, the plummeting value of the Yemeni riyal and constant violence by Saudi-backed terrorist armed groups, all resulting from the Saudi invasion of Yemen and the continuous occupation of much of Yemen’s south and east.

Despite the fact that Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi, the Saudi-backed former president of Yemen, has barely been living in Yemen since the September 21 Revolution that overthrew his rule in 2014, the Saudis still consider him to be the “legitimate ruler” of Yemen. Hadi has spent most of the past four years under a de facto luxurious house arrest in Riyadh.

Yemen Press Agency reports that main streets of Aden have been blocked to traffic by protesters. Specifically, the demonstrators have blocked access to trucks loaded with fuel and petroleum, making exception only for deliveries to the fuel allocated to electricity production for the city. This petroleum blockade is likely intended to economically target Saudi interests, as much of Yemen’s oil is nowadays “exported” under force to Saudi Arabia.

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