Air Force spokesman: “Drone strikes bring message to Saudi coalition: You are not safe anywhere in Yemen”

SANA’A – Abdullah Al-Jafri, the spokesman of the Yemeni Air Force, made an official statement on yesterday’s successful drone strikes on the Saudi coalition’s headquarters in Aden, stating that a clear message was sent to the invaders.

Al-Jafri confirmed that drones of the types Rased and Qasef bombed the Saudi headquarters in Boraiqa, deep in Aden Governorate in the far south of Yemen. Even though this camp was in the very heart of Saudi-occupied territory, the coalition was unable to prevent the strikes, and suffered heavy damage in the attack.

The spokesman continued by confirming the drone strikes hit their intended targets accurately, and caused severe panic amongst the coalition’s troops. Al-Jafri clarified that these unmanned drones are highly advanced to the point that they cannot be spotted by radar and are nearly impossible to shoot down by air defence systems. These drones were developed recenly under the auspices of the Leader of the Revolution, Sayyid Abdul-Malik Badreddin al-Houthi, who ordered the modernisation of Yemen’s missile and aircraft programme.

The Air Force statement furthermore read that since the third anniversary of the Saudi invasion of Yemen, in March 2018, the defenders of Yemen have significantly stepped up their attacks on the invading coalition forces both inside Yemen and even within their own countries. The statement cited the attacks on the Saudi Ministry of Defense, several sites within the UAE, Abha airport, and King Faisal Airport in Khamis Mushait as examples of successful Yemeni retaliation strikes using missiles and drones.

In conclusion, spokesman al-Jafri stated that the Saudi coalition’s leadership will no longer be safe anywhere in Yemen, no matter where they hide, adding that the coming days will “reveal several surprises” if the Saudi coalition does not reconsider its war against Yemen.

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