Almost 100 Sudanese mercenaries killed by Yemen defence

SANA’A – During heavy combat against the forces of aggression, the Yemeni Armed Forces have killed almost 100 Sudanese mercenaries, including three of their commanders, in the Midi desert.

A military source spoke to the Yemen Press Agency about heavy fighting breaking out in Midi on Thursday, during which at least 95 Sudanese mercenaries were confirmed to have been killed.

The Sudanese, many of whom are Janjaweed militias hired by Saudi and Emirati financiers, had tried to advance towards Midi in the Hajjah Governorate of Yemen, but were soundly defeated by the defenders of the Yemeni Republic.

Amongst the casualties was a high officer, Colonel Abdulbagi, who commanded an entire battalion of Sudanese guns-for-hire. Two other officers, Lieutenant Ibrahim Othman and Lieutenant Salem Obeid Ali al-Rashidi, also met their death in the sands of Midi.

Dozens more mercenaries were wounded or incapacitated, and at least 5 military vehicles alongside a minesweeper were destroyed as well. This despite the fact that the Saudi-led coalition attempted to support the Sudanese attack by carrying out no less than 15 air raids, all of which were unsuccessful.

In the wake of last week’s brutal rape of a Yemeni woman by a Sudanese mercenary near Hodeidah, many in Yemen have vowed vengeance on the hired Janjaweed militias, warning that none of them will be safe until they cease their aggression against the Yemeni nation.

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