Deputy Chief of Staff Second highest-ranking casualty of Al-Anad drone strike

SANA’A – Emirati Media announced on Sunday that the Deputy Chief of Staff loyal to Saudi-led coalition has died on Sunday as a result of the drone attack on Al-Anad military base.

According to Sky News Channel, “Deputy Chief of Staff” Maj. Gen. Saleh al-Zandani died today in a hospital in Abu Dhabi after being injured in the Yemeni army drone attack on Al-Anad military base in Lahj province, southern Yemen.

Al-Zandani is the second highest military commander loyal to Saudi-led coalition who lost his life as a result of the Yemeni army attack that targeted a military parade of the invading coalition, ranking just below Major General Mohammad Saleh Tamah, who was Chief of Military Intelligence of the Saudi-backed collaborators.

In January 10, the Air Force of the Yemeni army carried out an aerial attack, using a highly advanced drone, on a military parade marking the inauguration of the Saudi-backed army training year at Al Anad military base, killing and injuring dozens of soldiers and officers.

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