Despite Saudi sabotage attempts, Yemeni delegation meets with UN envoy

SANA’A – Mohammed Abdulsalam, had of the official diplomatic delegation of the National Salvation Government of Yemen, has met with official UN Envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths, on Thursday, despite numerous attempts by the Saudi regime to sabotage the meeting.

The meeting took place in Muscat, the capital of the Sultanate of Oman. Oman, a neighpour state of Yemen, has at several occasions since the start of the Saudi invasion played the role of mediator and supporter to a swift end of the hostilities.

The meeting comes less than a week after official negotiations between the National Salvation Government (NSG) of Yemen and the Saudi invaders, which were scheduled to take place in Geneva, were canceled due to the fact that NSG representatives had no safe way to reach Switzerland in order to attend. The Saudi kingdom had made numerous threats towards the Yemeni diplomatic delegation, and refused to give a guarantee of safe passage to the diplomats, in a clear attempt to sabotage the UN-mediated peace negotiations.

However, despite the official bilateral negotiation failing, UN Envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths, announced his intention to push on with peace talks. And today, he achieved success when he succeeded in meeting the Yemeni delegation in Muscat.

The meeting reportedly touched on the reasons for the Geneva talks failing, as well as several highly important issues such as the reopening of Sana’a International Airport, the swapping of prisoners of war and the making of necessary arrangements and guarantees for future bilateral negotiations with Saudi Arabia. Martin Griffiths vowed to ensure that UN proposals for these subjects will be made to the Yemeni government in Sana’a in the near future.

The talks also focuses on the worsening humanitarian and economic situation in Yemen, particularly the damage done by the ongoing Saudi invasion and occupation of Yemeni soil.

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