Eastern Yemeni tribes protest against Saudi pipeline plan

MAHRAH – Member of the Al-Shura Council and former director of security of al-Mahrah province, Major General Ahmed Mohammed Qahtan, has said that Saudi Arabia is seeking to extend an oil pipeline from within its territory to the Yemeni coast, taking advantage of the current weakness of state of Yemen.

In an interview with Al-Jazeera, Qahtan stressed that the sons of Mahrah will not allow this unless there are formal agreements in accordance with international conventions.

He added that the Saudi-Emirati alliance, through its presence in the province of Mahrah, near the border of the Sultanate of Oman, aims to create chaos and support extremist groups, instead of supporting what he called the “legitimacy” of the Hadi regime.

Major General Ahmed Qahtan also called on Saudi Arabia to not impose its own will on Mahrah’s people, and to not test their patience, describing their policy as a wrecking ball that is destroying the social harmony in the province

Earlier, the organizing committee of a sit-in in Mahrah has warned against Saudi violations, which destabilize the province and violate the sovereignty of the Yemeni state.

The committee further warned against ongoing recruitment of tribesmen outside the military and security institutions, as well as the establishment of training camps for Saudi militias.

The regions near the Omani coast are known for its local population clinging fiercely to their tribal autonomy.

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