Gallery: Parliament of Yemen in extaordinary session

Pictures and video footage from an extraordinary session of the Parliament of the Republic of Yemen have been released to Yemen Press by the Yemeni revolutionary government.

In the video and pictures listed below, the meeting of the national parliament is shown, chaired by the President of Yemen, Saleh Ali al-Sammad.

President al-Sammad reiterated that Yemen’s democratic parliamentary rule is a major obstacle in the face of the Saudi invasion force, and stressed the importance of the institution in ensuring a continued state of law and order in the Republic.

Speaker of the Parliament, Ali al-Raiee, also took the stage, praising the role of Yemen’s legislative branch in “confronting the Saudi-led aggression coalition war, and highlighting the steadfastness of the Yemeni people.”

Yemen, a nation marred for decades by military rule by decree, has seen a revival of democratic institutions under the Ansarullah-led revolutionary government since 2014, both in parliament and by traditional Islamic principle of consultation and cooperation of the country’s many different tribal coalitions.

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