Hadi regime plans to sell Yemeni embassy in Moscow to Saudi Arabia

SANA’A – In a typical show of opportunism, the Hadi regime is reportedly planning to sell off the embassy of the Republic of Yemen in the Russian capital of Moscow to Saudi Arabia, in exchange for a bribe that would go straight to the coffers of the exiled regime.

Informed sources reported by the Yemen Press Agency say that the Hadi regime ambassador to Russia, Al-Wahishi, and his subordinates in the embassy are standing to gain over 2 million dollars, that would be paid directly by the Saudi kingdom.

The embassy of Yemen in Moscow is a large building that was originally granted to the Yemen Arab Republic (North Yemen) by the Soviet Union, as a show of good relations the two countries enjoyed ever since 1962. As another gesture of good faith, the rent of the building was, and continues to be until this day, particularly low for the area it is located in.

However, the regime of the ousted and exiled Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi is notable for trying to get rid of state property abroad, in exchange for short-term financial gain.

The National Salvation Government of Yemen, however, has protested this policy as an irresponsible act, and is actively trying to prevent the sale of ambassadorial buildings. Minister of Foreign Affairs Hisham Sharaf has reportedly already contacted his Russian colleague Sergey Lavrov, in order to call on Russia to prevent the Hadi regime from going ahead with the illegal sale.

The Russian Federation officially still recognizes the Hadi regime as the “government” of Yemen, but maintains close contacts with the National Salvation Government as well. Russia is seen as a major partner in future peace negotiations that could put an end to the Saudi aggression against Yemen.

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