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Hamadan tribes continue to support fronts with men

The tribes of Hamadan in Sana’a have voiced their continued support for the battle against aggression.



SANAA – Hamadan tribes in Sana’a province confirmed on Thursday that they would continue to support the frontlines with men and food until achieving victory.

During a gathering held on the occassion of transporting a food convoy to the frontlines, the tribes called for avenging the assassination of the president Saleh Al-Sammad.

Hamadan tribes renewed their rejection of US-Israeli interventions in Yemeni affairs through supporting Saudi and UAE regimes in committing the most heinous crimes against the Yemeni people.

The tribes voiced their support to President of the Supreme Political Council Mahdi al-Mashat, stressing the need for the cohesion of the internal front and strengthening steadfastness.

The former President Saleh al-Sammad along with six of his companions were killed last month by Saudi-led airstrikes on Hodeida province.

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