Hodeidah Port Authority denounces Saudi accusations as part of invaders’ plan to shut down Hodeidah port

SANA’A – The Port Authority of Hodeidah has accused the Saudi-led invasion force of attempting to close down the critically vital port of Hodeidah by spreading false rumours and accusations regarding the Authority and the harbour itself.

The Saudi-led invaders had earlier accused the Port Authority of “detaining commercial vessels” and purposefully denying them permission to unload food and humanitarian aid. These accusations were however unproven and are highly unlikely considering the fact that millions of Yemenis both in Hodeidah and in the Yemeni heartland are directly dependent on Hodeidah’s imports for survival.

The Port Authority, which is loyal to the National Salvation Government of Yemen, suspects that the Saudi accusations are part of the invading coalition’s strategic aim of completely closing the port of Hodeidah and halt all shipping to the port. Doing so would directly cause mass starvation of millions of Yemenis living in the areas of Yemen that are not under Saudi military occupation, effectively turning famine into a weapon in the hands of the Saudis. The United Nations has repeatedly condemned Saudi attempts at attacking or blocking Hodeidah for this reason.

“The Port of Hodeidah operates around the clock as part of a regular mechanism, depending on the time and date of access to the submersible, with high accuracy and professionalism,” the Port Authority statement said, adding “The Port is doing its national and humanitarian duty to serve the ships that it has been using to ensure the continuity of its activities to meet the needs of citizens for basic materials.”

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