In Photos: President al-Sammad attends graduation of Yemen Special Forces

SANA’A – Saleh Ali al-Sammad, President of the Supreme Political Council and head of state of the Republic of Yemen, has attended the graduation ceremony of the Special Forces of the Yemeni military, in presence of Supreme Political Council member Sultan al-Samai, and Minister of Local Administration Ali bin Ali al-Qaisi.

At the ceremony, President al-Sammad praised the military graduates of the Republic, stating “We are pleased in this ceremony for the graduates of the Republican Guard and the Special Forces within the framework of the military Central Military Zone, which was recently established to cope with the challenges; and this is a source of pride and dignity.”

The President of Yemen added that the Central Military Zone is witnessing a large increase during the past weeks. Hundreds of officers and commanders have been trained recently in order to build up new military units to fight for Yemen’s sovereignty.

Yemeni Special Forces have seen huge military successes in the conflict against the Saudi-led coalition invasion forces, using irregular and guerilla tactics to inflict humiliating defeats on the highly modern and well-equipped Saudi troops.

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