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ISIS releases threatening footage demanding Yemenis to submit to Saudi occupation

A harrowing video released by infamous terrorist organisation ISIS was released on Wednesday, likely in an attempt to scare the inhabitants of Saudi-occupied parts of Yemen into submitting to continued Saudi hegemony over their land.



SANA’A – The infamous international terrorist organisation known as ISIS (or Daesh in Arabic) published harrowing video footage on Wednesday, threatening the people of Yemen, in particular the city of Aden, with further violence.

The video footage shows numerous explosions, some of them from suicide attacks that have taken place in Aden, as well as images of murdered clerics and police officers who were killed by Daesh attacks.

Daesh currently maintains small areas of influence in southern and eastern Yemen, territories that are officially occupied by the Saudi-led invasion forces. Operating in occupied Yemen, the organisation has been responsible for numerous terrorist attacks across the area, including the December 2015 assassination of the governor of Aden, who was rumoured to have South Yemeni separatist sympathies. In May 2016, the organisation killed 25 police recruits in the Hadhramaut city of Mukalla.

Political analysts in Yemen have noted that the footage has been released precisely at the moment that much of the occupied south and east of Yemen is rising up in protest and revolt against the Saudi occupation of their country. According to experts, Daesh is likely intended to scare inhabitants of southern Yemen into accepting continued submission to Saudi rule.

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