Israel training Saudi-UAE mercenaries for attacks on Hodeidah

SANA’A – A new and devastating report by Emirati news website Al Khaleej Online has revealed that many of the mercenaries used by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to attack the Yemeni port city of Hodeidah, were in fact trained in Israeli military camps by Israeli officers. The report confirms the long-suspected active role of the Zionist entity in the invasion of Yemen.

According to US officials close to the House Intelligence Committee, hundreds of foreign mercenaries from all over the world that were hired by the UAE, have received “instance combat training” in military camps in the Negev Desert, following a secret pact that the UAE had signed with Tel Aviv. The so-called Israel Defence Forces (IDF) ensured “personal supervision” of the training, according to the report.

The cooperation with the Zionists was reportedly spearheaded by UAE Security Adviser Mohammed Dahlan, who also oversaw a mass campaign of hiring new groups of mercenaries, mostly Nepalese and Colombian in origin, in order to serve as cannon fodder for the UAE war machine.

Dahlan, who is a Palestinian by birth, is known as the “UAE’s favourite Palestinian”, and was formerly the centre of a US-backed plot to organise a coup d’├ętat against Hamas after the Islamist political party won the 2007 elections in Palestine. Since the failure of this plot, Dahlan has been living in the United Arab Emirates, where he has risen to high positions in the service of the royal family, as well as, ironically, establishing close relationships with Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman, who is known as an extremely right-wing war hawk even to Israeli standards.

The American report that was published by Al-Khaleej noted that Dahlan has at several times personally supervised the training in the IDF camps, and was involved in choosing the locations due to its similarity to the Yemeni climate and terrain. The UAE and Saudi Arabia have a long history of hiring mercenaries to die on their behalf in Yemen, being reluctant to risk their own troops. So far, reports have confirmed that mercenary gangs from Sudan, Uganda and Colombia have been deployed, as well as members of US mercenary companies Blackwater and DynCorp.

On Tuesday, the Saudi-led coalition started a renewed offensives to try and capture the city of Hodeidah, in which many of these IDF-trained mercenaries reportedly took part. The invaders seek to capture Hodeidah in order to cut off the rest of Yemen from food and humanitarian aid arriving through the port, in an effort to force the Yemenis to surrender.

It is noteworthy that the involvement of Israel in the Saudi-led invasion of Yemen was already public knowledge before. As early as the start of the war in 2015, reports surfaced of Saudi-led forces using Israeli-made weaponry. Official documents retrieved in Sana’a also indicated a US plan to construct a military base near the Bab al-Mandeb Strait in Yemen, with the states goal to “ensure the security of Israel”.

Recently, high-level diplomatic sources leaked plans by Israel to sell the Iron Dome missile defence system to Saudi Arabia, adding to a long history of already settled covert weapons sales from the Zionists to the Wahhabi kingdom. And just last month, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that he was considering sending Israeli forces directly to Yemen in order to join in the destructive invasion of the country.

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