Israeli study: Yemeni missiles are a threat to Zionist interests

SANA’A – The Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, a right-wing Zionist think tank based in Israel, has warned that Yemen’s missile programme is a severe threat to Zionist interests in the Middle East due to their highly precise accuracy.

The Begin-Sadat Center’s study was published on Saturday. Based on the successful strikes carried out by the Missile Forces of the Republic of Yemen, the study concluded that the entirety of Saudi Arabia can possibly be hit by Yemeni missiles at any time, not just the frontlines in the south of the Kingdom.
The Center also stated that it believes it is highly likely that Saudi Arabia will soon start purchasing Israeli air defence technology.

According to the Zionist study, there is already contact between Riyadh and Tel Aviv, in which the Saudis have expressed their interest in buying the Iron Dome and Trophy air defence systems that are already being used by Israel. The think tank noted that these negotiations show a very much improved relationship between the Saudi kingdom and the Israeli regime.

The Begin-Sadat Center stated its belief that Saudi Arabia is seeking close cooperation with Israel in order to eventually confront the Islamic Republic of Iran, and that Israel could use Saudi Arabia as a testing ground for its military technology.

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