Large tribal meeting in Hodeidah calls for support to Yemeni government and resistance against invaders

SANA’A – A large number of tribal sheikhs and dignitaries of the tribes of Yemen’s West Coast have taken part in an extended meeting in the city of Hodeidah. During the meeting, the tribal representatives reiterated their support for the National Salvation Government, the Yemeni Armed Forces and the Popular Committees.

The tribes also condemned the continued war crimes committes by the Saudi-led invasion forces, and expressed that they hold the UN respsonsible for its continued inaction.

The meeting also hosted numerous scholars from Hodeidah, who discussed ways to confront the media war that is being waged by media agencies particularly in the United States against the cause of the Republic of Yemen.

The tribes in Yemen are often highly autonomous and fiercely independent in spirit, something that the National Salvation Government has always openly supported and defended. Many tribal alliances fear that the Saudi-led invasion forces and the Hadi regime are seeking to put an end to the tribal autonomy.

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Historian specializing in Arab history, Islamic studies and geopolitical analysis. Active in the anti-imperialist movement in Belgium

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