Netanyahu: “Saudi Arabia must be defended”

SANA’A – Benjamin Netanyahu, prime minister of the Israeli regime, has voiced his opinion that “Saudi Arabia must remain stable”, stressing the Zionist entity’s close relations with Riyadh and its intention to protect the Saudi monarchy from criticism from the international community.

Netanyahu made this statement during a press conference in Varna, Bulgaria on Friday.
“What happened in the Istanbul consulate was horrendous and it should be duly dealt with. Yet at the same time I say it, it is very important for the stability of the world, for the region and for the world, that Saudi Arabia remain stable.” The Zionist leader however failed to clarify what the role of Saudi Arabia in the “stability of the world” was.

“I think that a way must be found to achieve both goals because the larger problem is Iran and we have to make sure that Iran does not continue the malign activities that it has been doing over the last few weeks in Europe,” Netanyahu continued, adding that “blocking Iran is uttermost on our agenda for security, not merely for Israel but I believe for Europe and the world as well.”

Aside from claiming that Iran was involved in terrorist activities in Europe, Netanyahu pointed out that the Israeli regime had “drastically improved” its relations with its “Arab neighbours”. While no countries were named immediately, this was a likely reference to Saudi Arabia, which recently received a delegation of high-ranking Zionist representatives and lobbyists from the United States.

Following Netanyahu’s statement, Foreign Minister of Bahrain Khalid bin Ahmed al-Khalifa praised the Israeli leader’s words as “a clear position on the importance of regional stability and the role of Saudi Arabia”. Bahrain, an absolute monarchy that has been cracking down on its Shia majority population for years, is also actively involved in the Saudi-led war against Yemen.

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