New Badr-F ballistic missile strikes mercenaries in Dhalea

SANA’A – The Yemeni Missile Forces have dealth a devastating blow to the Saudi-led invaders by striking a mercenary camp in Dhalea province with a Badr-F ballistic missile.

According to military sources reporting to Yemen Press Agency, the missile struck a gathering of mercenaries in the Hakoola camp near the frontline at the southern province of Dhalea, killing and wounding dozens.

The Badr-F ballistic missile is a brand new Yemeni domestically produced and developed missile that is reverse-engineered from the Soviet Tochka missile. The Badr-F has an effective range of 160 kilometers, and upon reaching its goal explodes at a height of 20 meters. Upon explosion, the warhead shatters into 14,000 pieces of shrapnel across a radius of 350 meters, effectively decimating military personnel in the area.

The Dhalea frontline has been the scene of significant advances by the Yemeni Armed Forces and Popular Committees in recent weeks, pushing the invading forces further south.

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