Oil pipeline in UAE-occupied province destroyed in terrorist attack

SANA’A – Oil pumping in the south-eastern Yemeni province of Shabwa has been halted on Saturday, after an attack destroyed an important petroleum pipeline.

Unidentified gunmen attacked the pipeline, which runs from the Uqla petroleum field to the port of Noshayma, in the vicinity of al-Bayad. Large amounts of smoke was reported from the nearby district of Ataq due to leakage of oil from the destroyed pipes, which caught fire.

Although the perpetrators are unknown at this point, Shabwah province has seena surge in activity by Islah Party and al-Qaeda terrorists in recent years, after the province fell into disarray due to the Emirati occupation.
The latest attack comes as the most recent one in a series of attacks against Shabwa pipelines and oil carrying trucks by terrorist organisations.

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