Over 150 Saudi-backed forces killed and injured in Yemeni precision drone strike

SANA’A – Over 150 Saudi-led coalition forces, including several military commanders, have been killed and wounded on Thursday, when Yemeni army unmanned drones launched an attack on al-Anad military base in Lahj province, Southern Yemen. This was confirmed by Yemen Press Agency based on military sources.

The attack targeted a Saudi military parade and gatherings of the invading coalition’s militias in the military base.

Yemen’s Air Forces spokesman Brigadier Abdullah al-Jafri said that the operation attack on Al Anad military base is only the first phase of the military operations of the year 2019.

“Our sources confirmed that there are over 150 of the coalition forces dead and wounded, including high ranking military and security officers and political leaders,” Brigadier Abdullah Jafri told reporters.

He added that invaders and mercenaries will never be safe anymore. He further confirmed that the mercenaries are in a difficult situation and in state of fear and panic, adding that today’s strike is one of the most important military messages that Yemen has ever sent to its enemies.

Pro-coalition activists on social media circulated video showing the moments when the army’s drone striking platform where the leaders of the invaders were sitting.

Another activist in social media circulated photos showing the platform where the leaders of the invaders were setting and revealing the names of the injured senior commanders.


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