Over 30 airstrikes hit Hodeidah in just one day

SANA’A – The Saudi-led invasion force launched no fewer than 30 airstrikes on the key city of Hodeidah on Wednesday, causing massive ruin to the already much tormented city and killing and injuring an unknown number of civilians.

The Saudi fighter bombers carried out a total of 30 attacks in the course of just one day on Wednesday, as part of their strategy to capture or destroy Hodeidah, the most important port city of Yemen in terms of import and unloading of humanitarian aid. The Saudi-led invasion force is attempting to starve Yemen into submission, as a last resort after their military invasion has resulted in failure. However, several ground offensives by the Saudi-led forces and their mercenaries have been in vain, costing the invaders large amounts of casualties.

Reports in Hodeidah state that at least 20 streets and various other locations in the al-Hali district of Hodeidah were hit by explosives on Wednesday.

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