Photos: Yemeni Army obliterates invaders in Kilo 16 area with masterful pincer movement

SANA’A – The Armed Forces and Popular Committees of the Republic of Yemen have dealt a severe defeat to Saudi coalition invading forces in the Kilo 16 area, pushing the invaders back into the desert. Reports from the frontline directly contradict earlier Saudi reports that claimed they had fully captured Kilo 16 and the highway connectin Hodeidah to the Yemeni capital of Sana’a.

Field sources from Kilo 16 that were reported by the Yemen Press Agency and Yemen Extra, confirmed that the Saudis only controlled Kilo 16 for a total of three hours, after an intense battle that started on Wednesday. Right afterwards, a series of successful ambushes and ferocious counterattacks by the defenders of Yemen forces the invading troops to retreat and relinquish control of Kilo 16.

On Wednesday, the Saudi-led coalition launched a massive assault on the area connecting the port city of Hodeidah with the capital of Sana’a, in an attempt to cut off the heartland of Yemen from humanitarian aid coming in through Hodeidah. Thousands of troops and foreign mercenaries were pushed towards Hodeidah, supported by over 70 carpet bombing airstrikes attacking anything in the area.

The Yemeni Army defending Kilo 16 retreated from the area before the Saudi advance even properly got there, in what Yemen’s Ministry of Defence confirmed was part of a planned ambush plan. The Saudi attack arrived in the area not soon after, and declared its mission accomplished.

However, just three hours after the arrival of the Saudis in Kilo 16, the Yemeni Armed Forces launched a surprise attack, striking the unexpecting Saudi forces with full ferocity. The coalition troops, massed on a relatively small and open area of territory, suffered heavy losses, including at least 29 military vehicles and dozens of casualties, among them high-ranking officers.

Reports from the frontline describe that the Yemeni forces conducted a near total encirclement of the Saudi troops, attacking them from all sides in a massive pincer movement. After a short but heavy fight, the invaders were forced to retreat with heavy casualties, marking a severe setback for their plans of conquering the West Coast of Yemen.

Source of photos: Yemen Extra.

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