Report: Yemeni drone airstrikes, military operations killed Saudi mercenaries over 24 hours


SANAA, July 18 (Saba) – Dozens of Saudi-paid mercenaries have been killed and others injured in Yemeni army attacks over the past 24 hours, according to military reports combined by Saba on Wednesday.
The Yemeni drone air force carried out an air offensive on Labnat camp in Jawf province, killing many mercenaries, said the official.
In Khab wa Shaaf district of Jawf, the artillery shelled the mercenaries gatherings causing direct casualties.
In Hodeidah province, two Saudi military vehicles were destroyed and artillery targeted their troops and shot dead one mercenary north of al-Tahita.
In Bayda province, the army and committees took control on large areas in the strategic mountain of Noufan and other sites in al-Qarishyia after a large-scale offensive on the sites of al-Qaeda and ISIS, large number of casualties.
In Taiz province, the mercenaries were inflicted heavy losses in attacks on their sites in Hamiar front of Maqbana district.
In Marib province, seven mercenaries were shot dead in separate areas of Serwah district.
In Asir region, a barrage of Katyusha missiles and artillery shells were launched toward gatherings of Saudi-paid mercenaries in al-Tibab al-Sood and in western of Majazah, while Saudi military bulldozer was destroyed, killing and injuring dozens.
In Jizan region, one mercenary was shot dead off al-Dood mount, while an artillery shelling targeted the Saudi army troops in al-Sawdah site in the same region.
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