Road between Yemen and Oman closed as Saudi mercenaries clash with local tribes

MAHRAH – The international road between the Sultanate of Oman and the Republic of Yemen in the Shahn area was closed on Monday, after violent clashes broke out between Mahrah’s tribes and Saudi-backed militias led by Rajih Bakrit, local sources have told Yemen Press Agency.

The sources said that the clashes took place near Shahn port after the tribesmen refused to allow the passage of trucks whose source was unknown, carried non-inspected cargo and were being taken out by Saudi orders.

The sources added that a number of Saudi-led militias were killed and injured as well as a number of armored vehicles and military equipment belonging to them destroyed by Mahrah’s resistant tribes.

They confirmed that “the tribes managed to control all the roads and valleys after the militias were forced to withdraw to the camp of the Saudi occupation in the region.”

The conflict comes as further evidence that Yemeni tribes in Saudi-occupied southern and eastern Yemen are resisting the occupation more and more.

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Freelance journalist from Yemen. English editor at Yemen Press Agency & Al-Thawra Net.

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