Sana’a to host mass rally in support of Palestine on Friday

SANA’A – The Yemeni capital of Sana’a will host a mass rally in support of Palestine and the defence of the Holy Sites against Zionism on Friday, according to local sources quoted by Yemen Press Agency.

The manifestation aims directly against the US decision to move its embassy in the entity known as Israel, from the city of Jaffa (Tel Aviv) to the Holy City of Jerusalem. So far, this move by US president Donald Trump was followed only by Guatemala.

In a statement released by the organisin committee of the march, it calls for broad participation of all locals to show Yemen’s undying support for the liberation of Palestine, and to make clear that Yemen’s struggle is not only for national liberation, but more broadly for Islamic and Arab liberation as well. The committee furthermore attacked the Zionist policy of “judaizing” holy places. The Zionist state is known for its tendency to close off holy sites to Jews only, like what happened to the tomb of Abraham and other prophets in the city of Al-Khalil.

The Ansarullah movement is known for its uncompromising opposition against Zionism and its support for Palestine, despite the Palestinian Authority’s president Mahmoud Abbas having voiced support for the Saudi invasion of Yemen in 2015.

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