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Saudi aggression bombs Hodeidah radio station

A Saudi airstrike on a station of Hodeidah Radio has killed four of its employees, as well as causing significant damage to the building and its surroundings.



SANA’A – Saudi aircraft have bombed the premise of Hodeidah Radio on the West Coast of Yemen, killing four of its employees in the act of aggression.

Al Masirah Media Network reports indicate that an aerial attack on the radio station killed three security guards and one radio worker, as well as causing material damage to the building and its surroundings.

This marks the second time that the Saudis carry out airstrikes on the media channel in Hodeidah. On July 27, much of Radio Hodeidah’s headquarters was destroyed in a similar airstrike that killed dozens of civilians.

The Saudi-led invading coalition has a long history of targeting media outlets and journalists in Yemen, with the goal of trying to destroy any critical voice that contradicts the hegemonic news agenda of Saudi Arabia and its allies.

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