Saudi-born revolutionary leader Dakheel al-Qahtani welcomed into Yemen

SANA’A – Brigadier Yahya Sare’e, spokesman for the Armed Forces and Popular Committees of Yemen, has officially welcomed the arrival of Dakheel bin Nasser al-Qahtani, the leader of the political opposition against the Saudi regime, to Yemen.

Dakheel al-Qahtani is a former officer in the Royal Saudi Armed Forces who grew dissatisfied with the tyrannical course the kingdom was going. After defecting from service to the Saudi monarchy, al-Qahtani founded the Arab Peninsula Liberation Movement in 2014.
Soon after, he was subsequently arrested and jailed by Saudi forces for over five years, following a video statement broadcast in which he noted that the foreign policies of the al-Saud system are against the interest of the Arab and Islamic nation.

Al-Qahtani furthermore stated that the Saudi regime has been exercising tyrannical rule and has been using intimidation against Muslims all over the world ever since the foundation of the kingdom in 1932. The revolutionary officer also has condemned the Saudi regime for its role in the 2003 illegal invasion and destruction of Iraq and its financing of takfiri Wahhabi terrorist groups in Syria, Libya, Tunisia and Yemen; as well as playing a role in the 2013 military coup against Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi and the destabilization of the Gaza Strip with Wahhabi terrorists.

Brigadier Sare’e welcomed al-Qahtani into Yemen, stating that Yemen is open to all those who are subjected to injustice in Saudi Arabia, and reiterating that Yemen will support their activities to achieve justice in Saudi Arabia.

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Historian specializing in Arab history, Islamic studies and geopolitical analysis. Active in the anti-imperialist movement in Belgium

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