Saudi coalition targeting civilians in attempt to force Yemenis to surrender, but suffer heavy losses in return

SANA’A – Muhammad al-Bukhiti, member of the Political Council of Ansarullah, has stated that the Saudi-led invaders are deliberately targeting civilians in Hodeidah province in a vain attempt to force Yemenis to surrender.

Al-Bukhiti furthermore noted that the Saudis were directly involved in thwarting UN-mediated peace talks in Geneva last weeks, because they believed that UN Envoy Martin Griffiths is not working in the strategic interests of the invading coalition.

Hodeidah province has been the scene of intense bombardments by Saudi aircraft since last weekend, with many bombing raids seemingly deliberately targeting civilian targets, as well as necessary infrastructure for the production and distribution of food and humanitarian aid. Hodeidah city is a major lifeline for at least 17 million Yemenis, who risk acute food shortages and famine if the Saudi attack continues for much longer.

However, despite the extreme violence perpetrated against Yemenis by the invaders, the attacks have taken a heavy toll on the Saudi-led coalition as well. Yemen Press Agency reported on Thursday that at least 140 coalition-backed militants and forces were killed, as well as 14 high-tech military vehicles destroyed by the defenders of Yemen. Amongst the dead was Adnan Alhakami al-Yafia, a high-ranking commander in the Amalika Brigades led by Tariq Afash, the Saudi-backed mercenary leader and nephew to former Yemeni leader Ali Abdullah Saleh. Al-Yafia, who was also reportedly member of Al-Qaeda, succumbed to injuries sustained in battle against the Yemeni Armed Forces.

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