Saudi crown prince parties with The Rock, Murdoch and James Cameron

SANA’A – During his luxury visit to the United States of America, Saudi crown prince Muhammad bin Salman, the man most responsible for the disastrous invasion of Yemen that has been plaguing the Yemeni nation and people since March 2015, has been keeping some interesting company during private parties.

During a dinner party at the Los Angeles private estate of mainstream media moghul and imperialist propaganda maker Rupert Murdoch, the crown prince was joined by popular Hollywood actors Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Morgan Freeman, as well as famous movie director James Cameron (known for producing the highest-grossing Hollywood movies of all times, “Titanic” and “Avatar”).

After the meeting, Dwayne Johnson made an official post on social media, praising the prince for his “deep rooted, yet modern views” that were allegedly discussed the so-called “fun party” Johnson had with the butcher of Yemen. He also claimed that Saudi Arabia, an oil-rich nation that is nearly completely bankrupt due to the excessive corruption and luxury spending of the royal family, is on a path of “positive growth”.

To make things complete, The Rock ended his note by promising to bring hard liquor to share with the prince, who is set to become the “Custodion of the Holy Mosques” of Mecca and Medina after his father’s death, whenever he will visit Saudi Arabia.

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