Saudi puppet premier bin Daghr returns to Aden

SANA’A – In a clear slap in the face for the South Yemeni separatists, self-declared “prime minister” Ahmed Obeid bin Daghr has returned to Aden, the official seat of the pro-Saudi puppet regime, on Thursday.

The Southern Transitional Council (STC), a political administration of Southern secessionists aided by the United Arab Emirates invasion forces, denounced the return of the highly impopular bin Daghr to Yemeni soil. The return of the pro-Saudi and anti-secessionist politician means further humiliation for the STC, which had hoped to put pressure on the Saudi coalition forces in order to achieve independence for the South through Emirati support.

According to sources within Aden, however, the STC has very little real influence in the city, with many seeing it as little more than an instrument of the Emiratis. Although Martin Griffiths, envoy of the United Nations to Yemen, met with STC representatives in the Emirates, he afterwards declared that no matter the outcome of the conflict, the UN is keen on preserving the unity of Yemen as one united nation.

Ahmed bin Dagher returned to Aden after an absence of two months, which in turned followed a military operation carried out by the UAE-backed forces that pushed the pro-Hadi militias out of the city in January.

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