Saudi soldiers, mercenaries casualties in army missile, artillery shelling

SANAA – Dozens of Saudi soldiers and mercenaries were killed and injured in military operations, and missile and artillery shelling of the army and popular committees on their sites and gatherings, while the enemy media admitted the killing and injuring of four of its soldiers in beyond border fronts, a military official told Saba News Agency on Wednesday.

Four mercenaries were killed by sniper operations in al- Sood hills in front of Aleb border crossing in Asir, while the artillery and missile shelling targeted their troops in the same area, as well as the artillery shelling targeted the site of Nashow in Jizan with a number of missiles, said the official.

Furthermore, the media admitted the killing of two of its soldiers and injuring two others by the fire of the army and popular committees in beyond border fronts.

Dozens of mercenaries were killed and injured in an offensive operation of the army and committees of two axis on their sites at the west coast in Taiz province, pointing out that the attack started from the north and west of Mawza district and from the south of Mafraq Mawza in the coast.

Meanwhile, a military vehicle of mercenaries was destroyed during their attempt to infiltrate in Aedah al-Sharqiyah in Nehm district, while two mercenaries were killed by the fire of the army and committees in Qaniah front of Bayda province.

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