Saudis bomb their own country in response to Yemeni victories in Jizan

Saudi bombing raids have targeted their own country on Tuesday, when Saudi warplanes targeted what they believed were Yemeni positions in the southern Jizan province.

This Saudi attack on their own territory comes in response to yet another successfull Yemeni sniper attack that killed three Saudi aggressors in Qewa village and in the sites of Qaem and Dukhan, all of them in Jizan.
A watchtower in Dukhan was also hit and destroyed by the Yemeni Armed Forces and Popular Committees, after a direct shelling with guided projectiles.

In what seems an act of despair, the Saudis have reacted with two bombing runs on the Jarah valley in Jizan. Jizan is part of geographic Greater Yemen, but was conquered by Saudi Arabia in 1934. The Saudi armies have been rapidly losing territory to Yemeni troops in recent years, as armed forces loyal to Yemen have been carrying out severa attacks to take out Saudi war bases in the area.

So far, there are no reports on whether the Saudi bombing run on their own territory hit anything.

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