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Southern Front

Separatist leader calls for protests against Saudi coalition

A leader of the South Yemeni separatist organisation called the Revolutionary Movement Council has called for mass demonstrations in the Hadhramaut city of Mukalla, in order to protest against the Saudi coalition’s arrest and illegal imprisonment of influential separatist Hussein al-Qamishi.



SANA’A – Saleh Yusr al-Namouri, the leader of the South Yemeni separatist Revolutionary Movement Council called on Monday for a mass protest in the city of Mukalla, regional capital of Hadhramaut province, against the policies of the Saudi-led invaders.

The demonstration will be held on Wednesday in front of the judicial building used for appeals and prosecution, in order to demand the release of the influential Southern separatist leader Hussein al-Qamishi, who has been detained by the military occupation forces without any legal charges.

“Leaders and supporters of the revolutionary movement in Hadramout, will launch various protest activities, which will be followed by escalating steps until the release of all detainees,” al-Namouri said, pointing out that the illegal arrestation of al-Qamishi was carried out by UAE-backed mercenary officer Shaker Mahfouz Binsh.

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