Tensions between Hadi forces and separatists in Aden reach explosive heights

SANA’A – The situation in the southern Yemeni port city of Aden is looking ever more bleak, as tensions between former allies, the loyalists of Saudi-imposed “president” Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi and UAE-backed South Yemeni separatists known as the Security Belt, could engulf the city in yet another armed conflict.

According to local sources, a mediation committee has arrived in Aden to attempt to extinquish the sharp tensions that arose when the presidential protection forces of Hadi refused to vacate their post and withdraw from several facilities in the city. Subsequently, the Security Belt militia, which is supported and armed by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) occupation force, expressed its outrage at this decision, and has threatened with violence if the presidential units do not comply.

However, the Hadi loyalists claim to be entitled to the control and defence of vital installations within Aden, and claim this is within their authority as was stipulated by the deals Hadi made with the UAE. Furthermore, they accused the Security Belt of trying to achieve the strategic and political goals of the Southern Transitional Council (STC), a separatist organisation that is unrecognised by the Hadi regime. The fact that the Security Belt insists on controlling vital government areas such as Aden International Airport, show its intentions to dismantle the power of the Yemeni state, according to the pro-Hadi units.

On the other hand, the Security Belt has issued a statement calling the protection units irresponsible and accusing them of colluding with the Al-Islah Party, a Wahhabi organisation that according to the separatists aims to spread chaos and destruction throughout Aden.

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