Three Saudi military targets hit by ballistic missiles within just 50 hours

The Missile Units of the Yemeni Armed Forces have launched three successful ballistic missile attacks on targets within Saudi Arabia in just 50 hours time.

After Tuesday’s launch of a mid-range ballistic missile at Jizan Regional Airport, which according to Yemeni military sources hit its intended target with high precision, a second launching took place on Wednesday. The Yemeni Missile Forces fired a highly sophisticated Qaher M-2 surface-to-surface missile at the Al Khazraa border crossing in the Saudi Najran province, completely obliterating the enemy military base.

Now, sources reported by Yemen Press indicate that a third missile, this time a short-range ballistic missile, has hit a Saudi air defence system in Jizan within 50 hours after the Jizan airport attack. The source stated that the attack was successful and hit its designated target.

The amount of ballistic missile attacks on Saudi targets has been increasing rapidly since the start of 2018, with at several such strikes having been carried out so far in January, most of which within Saudi territory itself. Despite supposedly boasting a state-of-the-art missile and aerial defence system, the Saudi regime has been largely unable to prevent the domestically produced Yemeni missiles from hitting their targets.

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