Two British special forces wounded in Yemen

MARIB – In a report released on Sunday by the British Express website, it was revealed that two British soldiers were injured in Yemen during a so-called “humanitarian mission”.

The report, which was compiled by the Yemeni Press Agency, said that “two British Special Air service troops in Yemen were injured by a roadside bomb when they were on a joint mission between the United States and the United Kingdom to identify areas where supplies could be dropped to hungry refugees. ”

“The two soldiers were working with 12 men from the coalition forces who went to the poor country of Yemen three weeks ago under the leadership of the United States,” the report said.

It it important to note that neither British nor US military forces have a UN mandate or any permission to set foot on Yemeni soil.

The heavily armed special forces team travelled to Aden from Djibouti aboard a United Arab Emirates Chinook helicopter, and met with Emirati leaders before heading north-east in unmarked small trucks.

“The soldiers were wearing Arab clothes and were tasked with identifying landing areas for food and medical supplies that could easily be reached by desperate locals,” the British report said.

“The unit was working near the town of Ma’rib, which is controlled by Hadi’s forces, 500 miles north of Aden, when an explosion occurred in one of the small trucks they were travelling in, as the car that was in front exploded on a landmine,” he said.

Both soldiers were injured in the leg and evacuated in an Emirati helicopter to the US military base in Djibouti and then flown to the United Kingdom via Cyprus for recovery.

While the official statement of the British forces is that they were in Yemen for humanitarian reasons, this sort of aid is usually conducted through either the United Nations or any of the internationally recognized humanitarian aid organisations.

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