Two hundred mercenaries, many gravely injured, expelled from Saudi Arabia

SANA’A – Saudi Arabia has expelled 200 mercenaries, most of them wounded while defending the borders of the Kingdom in Najran, Jizan and Asir fronts, military sources reported on Thursday.

The source asserted that many of the mercenaries have suffered severe injuries, the majority of whom being amputees.

Saudi officials refused to complete their treatment in Saudi field hospitals, the sources added.

Saudi officers forcibly deported them to Ma’rib and told them that their treatment will be completed in hospitals there. The pleas of their parents and the distress calls of the wounded all failed to dissuade Saudi officials from their decision.

It is worth mentioning that the wounded and their families also provided frequent complaints, some of which were published in the media, which show that they have been deprived of their salaries and entitlements for several months and that their family suffers from this lack due to the cost of the necessary expenses.

Saudi Arabia has often used its mercenaries as little more than disposable cannon fodder, regularly expelling them or leaving them to their fate whenever convenient.

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