UN: We could not open humanitarian corridor in Hodeidah

HODEIDAH – The United Nations said on Sunday that it was unable to open a humanitarian corridor in the city of Hodeidah on the date agreed between the national delegation and Riyadh delegation. This was confirmed by Yemen Press Agency based on UN sources.

“The corridor will not open on Sunday, although the issue was coordinated at the first meeting of the committee on monitoring the truce in Hodeidah, which includes representatives from bother sides of the conflict, ” the U.N. Secretariat said.

During a meeting with Sanaa representatives, head of the monitoring committee, Dutch General Patrick Cammaert, expressed his disappointment over the missed opportunity to strengthen confidence between the parties to the conflict.

On Saturday, forces of the salvation government announced the start of first phase of their redeployment in Hodeidah and handing over the port to the Coast Guard, which secure the port since 2003, under the supervision of Cammaert.

For its part, the government of exiled Hadi, expressed doubts about the good faith of the salvation government to implement the withdrawal, which contributed to the failure of opening humanitarian corridors.

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