Video: Footage of highly successful Yemeni drone strike on mercenary camp

SANA’A – Video footage released by pro-Saudi media on Thursday shows the moment when a Qasif 2K drone of the Yemeni Air Forces attacked the platform of military commanders in the al-Anad military base in Lahj province.

In the highly precise strike, the Yemeni unmanned aerial vehicle struck a military parade of pro-Saudi mercenary troops in the southern Yemeni province of Lahj, killing and injuring at least 150 troops and even high-ranking military officers and commanders.

The video footage shows the moment when the Qasif drone strike interrupted a speech during the mercenary parade. The speaker, standing in front of a picture of Saudi crown prince Muhammad bin Salman, is shown falling down during the resulting explosion. Footage furthermore shows dead and wounded in the seating area of the mercenary officers.

Brigadier Abdullah al-Jafri, the spokesman of the Yemeni Air Force, has lauded the success of the airstrike and has warned that this was but the first of many such attacks to come in 2019. Al-Jafri added that the Saudi mercenaries will never be safe anymore as long as they maintain their aggression against Yemen.

The Armed Forces of Yemen have carried out several highly successful and precise strikes with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) over the past years, often targeting Saudi bases or military officers.

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