Video: Yemeni forces storm Saudi positions in Asir

SANA’A – Video footage released by the military media shows troops of the Yemeni Armed Forces and Popular Committees advancing deep into the Saudi border province of Asir.

In the footage, Yemeni forces are seen storming Saudi military positions in the western part of Majzah area, steadily advancing forward despite Saudi airstrikes being waged against them. The Yemeni troops can also be seen using field artillery to strike Saudi military outposts.

Despite the Saudi technological military advantage, Yemeni forces succeeded in capturing the area.

Asir province, like Najran and Jizan, is part of Greater Yemen, having belonged to Yemen until being forcefully conquered and annexed by Saudi Arabia in 1934. Earlier, similar footage was released showing a big advance by Yemeni forces in Jizan as well.

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Historian specializing in Arab history, Islamic studies and geopolitical analysis. Active in the anti-imperialist movement in Belgium

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