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Video: Yemenis rally in solidarity with Syria

Video footage shown by RT-related news agency Ruptly, show demonstrations by Yemeni citizens in the capital of Sana’a in solidarity with the Syrian Arab Republic and against imperialism.



SANA’A – Video footage shown by RT-related news agency Ruptly, show demonstrations by Yemeni citizens in the capital of Sana’a in solidarity with the Syrian Arab Republic and against imperialism.

The rally, that took place on Monday, came in response to the joint US, UK and French illegal but ultimately unsuccessful airstrikes against Syrian civilian and military targets in Syria. The revolutionary government of the Republic of Yemen and the Syrian Arab Republic have very close and cordial relations, and support one another in their struggle against imperialism and for national sovereignty.

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Yemeni army forces attack Saudi military positions in Najran (Video)



NAJRAN – Military media of the Yemeni army on Tuesday released video footage shows the army forces launching an overnight attack on Saudi military positions in Najran region.

The video showed the army forces attacking the Saudi-hired mercenaries’ positions in west of Reshahah area.

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Yemen has met all concessions of prisoner exchange agreement



SANA’A -Abdul Qadir al-Mortada, Chairman of the National Committee for Prisoners ‘ Affairs has confirmed that the national delegation has made all the concessions for the full implementation of the prisoner exchange agreement concluded in Sweden.

“We did not mind the implementation of a prisoner exchange agreement, but the other party is not ready for the implementation, and the United Nations knows it,” Murtada told reporters on Tuesday.

“We had hoped that the United Nations would be more transparent than we heard yesterday,” he added.

Last month, the National Committee for Prisoners’ Affairs presented an initiative that included an initial exchange in which a minimum of 1,000 prisoners from both sides are to be released on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, but the Saudi-led party ignored the initiative.

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Abdul Salam: Some humanitarian organisations are working with the invaders



SANA’A -The official spokesman for Ansurallah, Mohammed Abdel Salam, has accused international humanitarian organisations of working with foreign intelligence agencies for the benefit of the coalition countries.

He asserted that some of these organisations are being exposed all over Yemen.

Abdul Salam furthermore demanded that they prove their humanitarian motivation and adhered to “humanitarian works away from political, security and intelligence abuse”.

“Organizations and agencies working with international intelligence agencies are selling information, data and coordinates to the countries of aggression under the pretext of humanitarian action,” Abdel Salam said in a statement issued on Tuesday night.

“The Yemeni people are fully aware of the tricks of the suspicious organizations and no longer can be deceived by the crocodile tears and pretentions of being humane. These organisations have to realize that.”

“If you are keen to address the humanitarian situation, you have to accuse the one who imposes the blockade and cause this tragedy.”

“The alleged assistance of these organizations has not and will not cover the needs of nearly 30 million Yemeni people for food, medicine, essential and basic necessities,” he added.

“Your assistance, which you describe as humanity,is deprived of its true meaning of humanity if you employ intelligence, espionage and political manipulation.”

However, Mohamed Abdel Salam also said in return that he will welcome any impartial humanitarian action.

“We bless any impartial humanitarian work away from political abuse, security recruitment and the collection of information and data for the benefit of the countries of aggression,” he said.

Abdul Salam stressed in this context that the supporting of the coalition war and the provision of aid cannot came together.

“Those who provide weapons to the countries of aggression and cover their crimes are not qualified to offer humanitarian assistance and if they do so, they do it for inhumane purposes,” he said.

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