Yemen Army spokesman: No response from invaders to demands for ceasefire

SANA’A – Brigadier General Yahya Saree, the official spokesperson of the Armed Forces of Yemen, has condemned the silence of the Saudi-led invading coalition to the numerous calls from the Yemeni governments and the United Nations asking for a ceasefire to take place during the Sweden peace negotiations.

“The US-Saudi coalition has not responded to the (UN) demand and has instead committed more crimes,” Saree said.

The army spokesman continued by pointing out that the eastern and southern parts of Hodeidah, as well as several plants and warehouses in al-Durihemi and the Kilo 16 area have been bombed by Saudi forces over the past 10 days, in which large amounts of banned munitions, including cluster bombs, were used.

“1,124 Yemeni civilians have been martyred and 1,665 others wounded so far by the banned bombs deployed by the aggressor coalition,” the General stated.

Ever since the start of the Saudi-led invasion of Yemen in March 2015, there have been numerous calls for peace by the National Salvation Government of Yemen as well as the international community, which have been constantly rejected by the invaders.

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