Yemen fires mid-range ballistic missile on mercenaries near borders with KSA

Sanaa, Yemen (YRW)- The Yemeni rocket unit has announced on Wednesday it fired a mid-range ballistic missile on Saudi backed mercenaries in Jawf Governorate, north Yemen with Saudi Arabia.

A military source told YRW that the mid-range ballistic missile is of Qaher M2 type, which targeted the mercenaries military camp named ”Labenat Camp”.

Yemen has been defending its land from an invasion led by Saudi Arabia and backed by US since March 26, 2015 where thousands of civilians were killed in terrorists air-raids.

About The Author

Naseh Shaker is a freelance journalist based in Sana'a, Yemen. He has been covering the US/Saudi-led aggression ever since it broke out, and reports directly from the war-torn country.

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