Yemeni activist: The Chief of the UN monitoring committee has failed in his mission

SANA’A – According to Yemeni activist Mona Sawfan, Chief of the UN monitoring committees Patrick Cammaert has failed at the most important stages of rebuilding confidence.

“Instead of contributing to confidence-building among Yemenis, the mediator has lost the Yemeni people’s trust in him,” Sawfan wrote on her Twitter account on Sunday.

“The core of the work of the UN coordinator is to implement the text of the Swedish agreement, not to hold consultations meant to reformulate it,” she said.

“The interpretations of the agreement could be subject to multiple lifetimes. This makes the UN supervisor suspect of bias, and seemingly unaware of his duties, “she concluded.

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Freelance journalist from Yemen. English editor at Yemen Press Agency & Al-Thawra Net.

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