Yemeni army fires 4 Zilizal-1 missiles on gatherings of Saudi army in Jizan

JIZAN – Rocketry forces of the Yemeni army on Sunday fired four Zilizal-1 missiles and artillery shells on gatherings of Saudi army and its mercenaries in Jizan border province. This was confirmed by Yemen Press Agency based on military officials.

According to the officials, the missiles were fired on gatherings of Saudi soldiers and their mercenaries at Gais Mountain, causing deaths and injuries in their ranks.

Meanwhile, the artillery shells hit another mercenaries’ gatherings in Alamood Mountain, causing direct casualties, the official said.

The Yemeni army stepped up its attack against the Saudi army and its mercenaries on all northern border fronts in retaliation for war crimes committed against Yemenis in all provinces.

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Freelance journalist from Yemen. English editor at Yemen Press Agency & Al-Thawra Net.

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