Yemeni army Spokesman reveals latest developments on the combat fronts

SANA’A – Spokesman of the Yemeni army, Brig. Gen. Yahya Sarei, on Sunday, held a press conference in Sana’a during which he reviewed the latest developments on the combat fronts.

At the conference, the spokesman touched on breaches of the ceasefire committed by Saudi-led coalition forces and their militias in Hodeidah during the past five days.

“The political leadership was keen that the truce should include a cease-fire on all fronts, but the aggression forces refused that and continued to escalate militarily, which forced our forces to respond,” Gen. Sarei said.

“What happened at al-Anad military base comes in response to the continued aggression and siege,” he added.

The spokesman indicated that the Yemeni military industrialization has made qualitative leaps in the field of drone manufacturing.

He continued to say “Today, the command of the army and popular committees confirms that this year will be the year of drones, the year of the Yemeni will, the year of self-reliance and the year of experiences, competencies and capabilities in the field of military manufacturing.”

During the conference, scenes of operations of new drones systems, which are fully made in Yemen, were presented; including an exploding drone made in a way that it cannot be monitored by radar systems and explodes at a height of 10 to 20 meters and its lethal impact range is 80 meters * 30 meters.

On the ceasefire violations in Hodeidah province, the spokesman said that the coalition forces and militias committed during the past five days 536 breaches, distributed into launching of 325 artillery shells and 80 rockets, 65 firing from medium and light weapons, two acts of establishing sites, two infiltration attempts, 38 movements and reinforcements, and 18 sorties of aircrafts.

The total violations of the coalition in Hodeidah since the declaration of the ceasefire on December 18, has mounted to 2,459 breaches, including firing 1765 shells and missiles, as well as the daily artillery shelling by the coalition militias on neighbourhoods in the city of Hodeidah in full view of the UN committees.

Source: YPA

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