Yemeni drone strikes Abha airport for the third time

SANA’A – The Air Force of the Republic of Yemen has once again successfully struck Abha Regional Airport in Asir province, Saudi Arabia. This marks the third time that the defenders of Yemen have carried out a successful retaliatory strike against the Saudi airport.

Military sources reported by Al-Masirah Media Network confirmed that the attack was carried out by a Qasif-1 drone, a domestically produced unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that has been used for several retaliatory strikes on military targets since its inception in 2016. The sources also confirmed that several flights into and out of Abha were delayed as a result, causing the intended economic loss of revenue for the Saudi regime.

The attack marks the third time that Abha Regional Airport has been successfully struck by Yemeni retaliatory strikes. On 18 April, the airport had to be closed for 12 hours, following a similar drone strike. And on May 26, despite numerous precautions taken by the Saudi kingdom, Yemen’s defenders evaded security measures and struck the airport yet again with a UAV.

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